EECERA Conference - Lisbon 2023

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible education and support for our children we have used research as a way to really understand children's development.  During the school year we have been researching communication capital for children who are at the beginning stages of developing language and children who are pre-verbal. We have been working to understand how our 2-year-old children and our children with Special Educational Needs communicate and how relationships with practitioners and their learning support assistants support effective communication. 
Lisa Clarke (Headteacher) and Fran Paffard (Chair of Governors) presented this research at the EECERA conference in Lisbon (30th August - 2nd September), along with Rose White a colleague from London Metropolitain University. This is a conference where early years experts from across the world come to share their research and work. We were very lucky to hear prominent academic speakers and it gave us a chance to promote the work we do at Comet.