Explore, Create and Learn Together

I would like to welcome you to Comet Nursery School and Children's Centre.  We have retained our Outstanding status from Ofsted in December 2018.  We are very proud of our achievements and this grading supports our belief that we offer children an excellent start to their education:

"You and your leaders are truly committed to involving parents in all aspects of their child's learning.........you have developed a clear approach to gathering information which holds the child at the centre of learning.  This style is now being mirrored by family members and is valued by the children."  Ofsted, 2018

Comet is located in Hoxton and we are committed to promoting equality and inclusion and our children come from a richly diverse community.  Many of our families access our Children's Centre and we provide support and learning opportunities alongside a wide range of other professionals in health and education.

We are staffed by professional and qualified early years teachers, nursery education officers and learning support assistants who provide an exciting and stimulating environment. Children are able to explore, experiment and experience a range of activities that encourages active learning and independence.

The children use the garden throughout the sessions and are free to move independently between the indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor area has opportunities for a wide range of activities and experiences which provide challenging opportunities for exploration and the development of physical skills. The outdoor area is used in all weathers and throughout the year.

We are also able to offer a provision for eligible 2 year olds.  By providing this service we now fully support children from birth to 5 through our wide ranging provision at Comet.

We aim to develop children's confidence and independence as a learner, communicator, collaborator and creative thinker.

We look forward to working with all our families and to provide opportunities to be the hub of our local community.  Please come and visit us soon.

Lisa Clarke