Assessing & Support

How will Comet Nursery School know if my child needs extra help?

  • Limited progress is being made

  • There is a change in your child’s behaviour

  • We have very experienced teachers and support staff  who are specialists in 3 and 4 year old children

  • Concerns are raised by parents/carers, teachers or other professionals involved with the child/family

  • We carry out termly assessments and meet with parents once every term to discuss their child’s progress

What kinds of SEN/D do you provide support for?

We are able to offer universal SEN/D provision (which may include communication & interaction, cognition & learning, social emotional & mental health, sensory and/or physical needs). We have a high level of children with additional needs at Comet and have worked with a range of needs including; ASD, cerebral palsy, PMLD, visual & hearing impairments and global developmental delay.

How will Comet Nursery School support my child?

Your child will benefit from everything that Comet has to offer for all children. In addition they may need extra input:

  •  Speech and Language assessment
  • Ongoing Speech and Language therapy

  • Structured language groups

  • Other intervention groups such as messy food play or attention bucket

  • Smaller story group

  • Time in the sensory room – The Pod

  • 1:1 support for all or part of the day

  • 1:1 support at lunchtime

  • Referral to First Steps (Child Psychology)

  • Referral to Occupational Health Therapists

  • Referral to the Educational Psychologist

  • Referral to statutory assessment – an application for an Educational Health and Care Plan. Click here for more information on EHC plans in Hackney.

 How does Comet support Pupils with medical needs

  • If a pupil has a medical need then a detailed Medical Care Plan is complied with support from the Community Nursing Team in consultation with parents/carers. These are discussed with all staff supporting the pupil.

  • Where necessary and in agreement with parents/carers regular medications (e.g. asthma pumps etc.) are administered in school but only where a signed Medicine consent form is in place to ensure the safety of both the child and staff.

How does Comet support children with SEN/D who are Looked After by a Local Authority?

  • If a child with SEN/D and is also Looked after by a Local Authority (LAC), we follow the same procedures as with any other child with SEN, however, we would invite the child’s Foster Carer(s) to be involved in the planning and reviewing process, and Social Services as appropriate.

How will Comet know how effective its arrangements and provisions are?

  • Review meetings each term with parents will provide feedback

  • Informal conversations with parents

  • Observations of children’s progress

  • Assessments of children’s attainments

  • Professional dialogue

  • Opportunities for parents feedback at parent information evening, summer term questionnaire and end of school reports.